Year One

02 January 2019 - Random

Happy New Year ! It’s been a little bit more than a year since I started working as a freelancer, and launched my own company: Databulle. As I would say in french, ça s’arrose ! It’s that time of the year when people look back to what they did right...

Crowl, the opensource SEO crawler

03 August 2018 - Random

A few other french SEOs and I have been talking for quite a long time about creating an SEO crawler together. Each of us was working on his own project, doing almost the same thing over and over, without the others. We wanted to build a community-based SEO crawler, and...

How to work with bigger datasets in Gephi

28 June 2018 - Random

Gephi is a quite popular software amongst SEOs, mainly known for internal linking visualization. This open-source and free software is available on Windows, Mac OS and Linux, and aims to visualize graphs and networks. It has many features and algorithms which are very helpful for SEO analysis, such as calculating...

Hello, world!

02 November 2017 - Random

Changing jobs is a bit like starting a new life. Becoming a freelancer surely is. After about 7 years working in SEO agencies in Paris, and growing from intern to team director, I decided to try something new: as of today, I work on my own. This will be a...

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