cURL for SEO

14 November 2019 - SEO

I’ve been quite fond of the command line since my debuts on Linux, some 15 years ago. It has a lot of sense for SEOs to learn how to use it, for a lot of different types of tasks. And it’s often quicker than using any other tool. Today, let’s...

Using Screaming Frog's CLI mode on a server

19 September 2018 - SEO

Screaming Frog just released SEO Spider v10, with a lot of impressive new features. Amongst the list is the CLI mode: the ability to use the crawler without a GUI (on a server for example). Here’s a quick guide on how to get started with Screaming Frog’s CLI mode on...

How to know if your website is in Google's mobile-first index ?

15 December 2017 - SEO

In a recent hangout, Google’s John Mueller told webmasters to watch their server logs, in order to know if a website has been moved to the mobile first index. This kind of monitoring can easily be done with a few Unix command-line tools, as long as you know where to...

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